Front Yard Deck Ideas

front yard deck

Front Yard Deck Ideas Photo: Francesca Tosolini / Unsplash Beautiful Spring Weather is the Perfect Time to Stain or Paint Your Deck Now that we’re into beautiful spring weather, we’re approaching the time for perfect staining weather! The dry summer is our friend and ally and will help us finish the task quickly. So if […]

How To Tell If Cabinets Are Painted Well Or Sloppy

kitchen cabinets

How To Tell If Cabinets Are Painted Well Or Sloppy Photo: Courtney Charney, Parc Agency The biggest difference is in the eveness of the coat Above images courtesy of Courtney Charney, Parc Agency. Applying coats of paint. Image by Basurto Painting. Do you know the difference between a good paint job and a bad one […]

Color of the Month: Benjamin Moore Simply White

simply white dining room

Color of the Month: Benjamin Moore”Simply White” Photo: Unspash / spacejoy Winter Whites Come To A Close We close out our Winter White series with Benjamin Moore’s “Simply White” OC-117! A warm, soft white that reminds us of a gentle snowfall on an overcast day. One look at Benjamin Moore’s “Simply White,” and we think […]

Fences that Bring People In

dad serves hamburgers and hot dogs

Fences that Bring People In Photo: AdobeStock/seanlockephotography Spring is here! Is it time to repaint or restain your fences or decks? Photo: Basurto Painting Spring has sprung! California is buzzing with life and new growth, and the sun is shining on our state once again. It’s a time of renewal and new beginnings, both physically […]