Quick Turnaround Painting

painting with brush and gloves

Quick Turnaround Painting with Quality Materials and Craftsmanship Photo: AdobeStock Do you have a house painting project that needs to be completed quickly and turned around so you can get moving with the next phase of your project? We can help with that! Have you ever suddenly needed painting in your house and realized there […]

Advantage of Putting A Fresh Coat of Paint In The Garage

interior garage empty

Advantage of Putting A Fresh Coat of Paint In The Garage Photo: Adobe Stock Painting the Interior of Your Garage When you get inspired for a painting project, you may be thinking of grand colorful projects. A splash of color in the living room, or an accent in the kitchen. But have you ever considered […]

Color of the Month: Picket Fence

modern bedroom interior

Color of the Month: Picket Fence Photo courtesy Dima Anikin/Adobe Stock. Photo color simulation by Basurto Painting. Benjamin Moore Paints Picket Fence</i > has gray undertones that will give your home’s walls a clean, modern feel. As March rolls forward, Spring teasing us as Winter holds on a little longer, we present this month’s color: […]

Refinishing Wood Interior Doors

applying clear coat to stained door

Refinishing Wood Interior Doors Photo: Basurto Painting Interior doors refresh: a richer, deeper wood tone. Doors are an exciting element to a design aesthetic. And for an elementary space, a great deal of meaning is attached to a doorway. It depends on whether the door is seen as a barrier, an entrance, or an exit. […]