A Kitchen Cabinets Refresh

Basurto Painting spraying kitchen cabinets

A Kitchen Cabinets Refresh! Photos and video by Basurto Painting A full remodel project by a general contractor wherein we were brought in to bring the kitchen cabinets to life with our talents and colors. https://youtu.be/EY4sWIMfKp0 It’s cabinet season! With the wintery chills, there’s very little exterior work to do, and even interior work like […]

High Gloss in the Living Room Cabinets

living room cabinets

High Gloss in the Living Room Cabinets Photos and video courtesy Basurto Painting. We do kitchen cabinets often enough that living room cabinets are simple to work into our schedule and it is work we enjoy! Sometimes our work at Basurto is not on the walls and doors that make up a house. Instead, our […]

Color of the Month: Decorator’s White

bedroom white

Color of the Month: Decorator’s White Decorator’s White is the perfect starting point for almost any decorating element. An empty page isn’t actually a color. And a white background isn’t always a blank canvas. But it does provide the perfect starting point and open the door for almost any decorating element you’d like. But only […]

Why it’s Awesome to Work at Basurto Painting

family room

Why It’s Awesome To Work At Basurto Painting Are you a hard worker, a team player, and a professional? At Basurto Painting, we are looking for the perfect fit for our painting team! Do you have experience working on a crew? Do you dream of painting homes at an artisan level? Today, we’re announcing that […]