Quick and Dirty Deck Refinish


‘Quick and Dirty’ Deck Refinish Photos by Basurto Painting A Better Looking Deck For Those Sunny California Days Thanks To A Quick Deck Refinish Do you have a deck that was assembled and then left to the elements over time? Take a look at our ‘Quick & Dirty’ Deck Refinish for ideas on how to […]

Upgrading your Accessory Dwelling Unit

accessory dwelling unit

Upgrading Your Accessory Dwelling Unit Image by Dave Murray from Pixabay With Good Planning, An Accessory Dwelling Unit Can Be Made Into A Workspace Or Spare Room Do you own an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit), or have you considered purchasing one? Sometimes called Wendy Houses or Granny Houses, these small units can be made into […]

Color of the Month: Unity


Color of the Month: Unity The Color Blue Signifies Intelligence And Responsibility. Unity Brings Depth And A Sense Of Power. For our July 2021 color of the month, we bring you Unity. Kelly Moore’s Unity KM5009 offers a bold, deep, and sophisticated shade of blue! In a more traditional sense, the color blue signifies intelligence […]

The Ideal Time For Painting In the Home


The Ideal Time For Painting In The Home July is the perfect month for painting your home. Have you ever considered exactly when the best month is to get your house painted? Let’s look at what makes July such a great time to paint in your home! Painting the exterior and interior of your house […]