Customer Spotlight from Scotts Valley


Customer Spotlight: Bill from Scotts Valley You can listen to Nico Basurto as he tells the story in this audio clip: When we work on house painting projects, we respect the home owner’s space and privacy This week’s blog is another Spotlight on a Customer! Today we want to talk about a client we enjoy […]

Project Spotlight: Painting Faux Lines


Project Spotlight: Painting Faux Lines How We Painted Faux Lines To Add Definition And Dimension To This Whole Exterior Home Painting Project We’re showing off one of the special projects we’ve done recently: changing a solid-painted area to look like a paneled area with faux lines! It came from an exterior job Basurto Painting did […]

Project Spotlight: White Cabinets


Project Spotlight: White Kitchen Cabinets Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash We’ve explored the merits of white as an accent color, but white cabinets are particularly tone-setting in the kitchen. White kitchens are trending, and it’s no surprise. Today, we’re looking at what white can do as a color in your kitchen, with a recent […]

Color of the Month: Granite Dust


Color of the Month: Granite Dust Granite Dust Is A Softer Pastel Gray That Will Bring Both Warmth And Coolness To Your Walls Welcome to this week’s blog, where we’re focusing on our color of the month. This time, we’re going for a mood– Granite Dust, a gray that’s on the cheerful side of gray! […]

Most Popular Remodeling Trends In Homes Nationwide


Most Popular Remodeling Trends In Homes Nationwide Home renovations have been on the rise since the pandemic began, and as 2021 continues, so does the remodeling of houses. Basurto Painting came across a presentation put on by Qualified Remodeler Magazine about the top trends across the United States in 2020-2021. We hope you find this […]